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Як Ви вважаєте, чи є військове рішення війни на Донбасі
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Hello, dear viewer.

We are the citizens of a free Ukraine, defeating the aggression of Russia and its army of mercenaries from the territory of Donbass, are appealing to you because we need help and support. Our soldiers are fighting with the army af a considerably more superior enemy, we are losing and losing the best sons of Ukraine. But we do not give up!

One year ago our people led the revolt against the regime of the pro-Russian president Yanukovych, twice charged as a thief before this, and we won. But the joy of the victory left us shortly after. Just like 70 years ago there was a force emerging in Europe that decided that international law it is an idle word, today we see Russia violating these laws again and again, resembling the Nazi regime very closely. And this enormous power has already chopped off part of our territory, which is Crimea. Now, it's trying to claim more,in the East of Ukraine, which is Donbass. Without help of the European and the international community, it will be very difficult to defend Ukraine's independence. We believe that the world valuing democracy cannot simply leave us in trouble.

Glory to Ukraine!

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